Jacob’s Wish

Project Overview:

In a collaboration with the EXTEND Group agency, we reached out to support the Jacob Ball Wish Foundation. Our shared goal was to provide them with a digital makeover that would streamline their operations and magnify the impact of their heartwarming cause.

Foundation Mission Statement:

“The Jacob Ball Wish Fund benefits children as special as he was. Although Jacob was only 12 when he passed away in 2013, his joyful impact continues through the wishes this fund brings to life. Donations allow our organization to fund ‘wishes’ that provide special needs students with the experiences and developmental skill builders that would otherwise be unavailable to them.”

My Role:

In this personal and meaningful endeavor, I took on the role of a digital architect. My task was to design a website that would not just serve a functional purpose but also honor the profound mission of the Jacob Ball Wish Foundation. The foundation provided us with the heartfelt content, and using the powerful WordPress platform, I set out to create a website that was not just clean and modern but also a true reflection of their brand. The challenge lay in harmonizing the diverse elements, from donation options to the compelling story of Jacob, into a site that was both easy to navigate and emotionally engaging.

Tools and Technologies:

WordPress was the canvas on which I painted this digital tribute, ensuring that it was not only responsive and user-friendly but also a heartfelt storytelling platform. In addition, I utilized Photoshop to craft graphics that added an extra layer of emotional resonance to the website.


The true achievement of this project was in capturing the essence of Jacob’s Wish Foundation and sharing the heartwarming story of Jacob. The founder was not just pleased with the website; she was genuinely touched by how we were able to create a digital space that could effectively convey the foundation’s mission. It was a project driven not only by design but by deep personal connection and a shared commitment to bringing joy to children who are just as special as Jacob.