Owensboro Performing Arts Centre

Project Overview:

The Owensboro Performing Arts Centre, a beacon of creativity in Owensboro, KY, is more than a non-profit; it’s a dynamic movement on a mission. Their goal is to ignite holistic development through diverse art forms. They don’t just talk about nurturing relationships and embracing cultural diversity; they live it. Their educational approach is innovation at its peak. I was entrusted with creating a visual identity and an online presence that matches their passion and drive.

My Role:

In my role for this project, I was the creative architect behind the Owensboro Performing Arts Centre’s brand development. This entailed crafting a logo that’s more than just an emblem; it’s a distinctive symbol. The website I designed wasn’t merely visually appealing; it’s a digital space that’s ready for action. The branding materials I created weren’t standard; they were exceptional, leaving a lasting impression. My primary goal was to construct a user-friendly platform that empowers the organization to connect with corporate sponsors, receive donations, and effectively communicate their mission to a broader audience.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Logo Design: I utilized Adobe Illustrator to craft a unique and memorable logo that symbolizes the essence of the Performing Arts Centre.
  • Website Wizardry: The website, OwensboroPAC.org, isn’t just user-friendly; it’s a vortex of visual captivation built with WordPress.
  • Branding Materials: For sponsorship packets and promotional materials, I wielded the almighty Adobe Photoshop for image editing and Adobe InDesign for professional document layout.


We reached an electric moment when we unveiled our sponsorship packets to the first corporate sponsor. Their feedback didn’t just exceed our expectations; it detonated them.  They described it as the best presentation they had ever received. The Owensboro Performing Arts Centre didn’t just gain credibility; it seized the stage for successful engagement with potential sponsors and partners.

Today, the Owensboro Performing Arts Centre is armed with a brand identity that’s more than compelling; it’s magnetic, and a website that’s more than user-friendly; it’s a vortex of artistic fervor. I stand with immense pride as part of their journey, propelling talents and fuelling the artistic fire in Owensboro, Kentucky.