Sketches By Dana

Project Overview:

As an avid animal enthusiast with a inclination for charcoal drawings, I invest my spare time in creating captivating artworks, specializing in animals, particularly pets. Focusing primarily on commissioned drawings of people’s cherished pets, especially dogs, I find joy in encapsulating the unique personalities of these beloved companions.

To showcase and promote my artwork, I crafted an online portfolio titled This platform serves as a showcase of my previous works, allowing visitors to explore my portfolio and easily reach out to commission their pet portraits.

Tools and Technologies:

For the development of, I utilized WordPress to create an intuitive and visually engaging website. In my artistic process, I employ charcoal as my primary medium to bring these animal portraits to life, infusing them with depth and character.


The commissioned pet drawings I create hold profound significance for those who receive them. Clients have expressed that these drawings serve as heartfelt memorials for their beloved pets, often cherished long after their furry companions have passed. Many have conveyed that these personalized artworks become a deeply emotional and treasured way to honor the memory of their pets.

Additionally, numerous clients who have presented these drawings as gifts have recounted poignant stories. Recipients have been visibly moved, often to tears, upon receiving these heartfelt and personalized pet portraits. These instances stand as a testament to the emotional impact and enduring significance of these cherished artworks in capturing the essence and special bond shared with beloved pets.