Lady Luck Website

Project Overview:

In Owensboro, Kentucky, where creativity flows and the buzz of tattoo guns reverberates, Lady Luck Tattoo stands bold. Born in 2007, this ink haven exudes rebellion. But, even rebels must embrace the digital age. That’s when I entered the scene, to give Lady Luck a digital facelift that’s bold, oozes ’80s vibes, and still rocks the modern edge.

My Role:

I played a pivotal role in the revitalization of Lady Luck Tattoo’s digital presence. As the web designer and developer for this project, I was entrusted with bringing the owner’s vision to life. It was my responsibility to blend the edgy ’80s aesthetic with the conveniences of contemporary web design, creating a space where Lady Luck’s unique personality shone through.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Website Wizardry: I harnessed WordPress for this site. It provided the flexibility required for seamless updates and user-friendly content management.
  • Graphic Fireworks: Photoshop allowed me to seamlessly blend nostalgia with contemporary flair.


The transformation of Lady Luck Tattoo’s website was an unqualified success. By artfully fusing ’80s nostalgia with modern design, the website became a visual time capsule. Customers embraced the improved features, connecting with artists online and effortlessly scheduling appointments. This overhaul enhanced the studio’s online presence, attracting a broader audience. Most importantly, it delighted the owner, aligning seamlessly with her ’80s-inspired vision and contributing to business growth. This project underscores my ability to harmonize creativity and technical expertise, breathing life into unique digital visions.