Musick Studios Showcases

Project Overview:

Musick Studios, an artistic powerhouse in Owensboro, Kentucky, has been an unrivaled creative haven for children and teenagers since its inception in 2008. What began with a humble 75 dancers has grown into an awe-inspiring community of over 500. At the culmination of each season, Musick Studios takes center stage by hosting a sensational showcase, where young talent takes flight and the community revels in the magic of dance. It’s an event that electrifies both the dancers and the community.

My Role:

In my role, I was the creative orchestrator of the Musick Studios Showcase. I undertook the exhilarating task of conjuring logo designs, crafting eye-catching programs, electrifying social graphics, and designing shirts, all while weaving a digital narrative since 2018. Every new year brought a fresh theme, demanding a burst of creative ingenuity. Then came 2020, a year of innovation, where we embraced the power of digital. We shifted to sleek single-page flyers distributed at the shows, equipped with a QR code, leading guests to the full program on our website. This move not only streamlined costs but also allowed us to channel resources back into the heart of the show itself.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Website Wizardry: My digital arsenal that included WordPress for updating the website with digital programs and banners
  • Graphic Fireworks: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for crafting captivating visuals, and Adobe InDesign for the creation of efficient, show-stopping flyers and programs


The Musick Studios Showcase has transcended the realm of a mere event; it’s become a feverishly anticipated event for parents and the community. It’s the kind of experience that lingers in the heart and soul. The shift to digital programs and eco-friendly flyers in 2020 not only reduced our environmental footprint but also fueled our commitment to making the showcase more remarkable and unforgettable with each passing year.

This project embodies the fusion of art, innovation, and community spirit with an edge. It’s a dance of creativity that leaves an indelible mark on Owensboro, a testament to the power of artistic expression that resonates far and wide.