Randy Meyer Racing

Project Overview:

Within the dynamic world of automotive aftermarket and racing, the EXTEND Group agency’s expertise and focus were readily apparent. They harnessed their passion and knowledge to collaborate with the Randy Meyer Racing team, embarking on an exciting project to create a comprehensive website that catered to all their racing needs.

About Randy Meyer Racing:

Randy Meyer, a revered figure in the NHRA Drag Racing community, boasts an illustrious career spanning over 35 years as a driver, team owner, and crew chief. His journey in drag racing has taken him from AHRA Pro-Comp to IHRA Top Fuel and NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster. With multiple World Championships to his name, Randy Meyer is a true icon in the sport, conducting himself, his team, and their race cars with unwavering dedication and hard work.

My Role:

In this thrilling project, I had the distinct privilege of designing a website for Randy Meyer Racing that would serve as an all-encompassing hub for their racing endeavors. The objective was clear: create a digital space that would encapsulate every facet of the team’s operation. This included providing comprehensive information about their racers and their current standings, details on events and locations, insights into their partners, a journey through their history, and a showcase of their well-deserved awards. The aim was to offer fans a one-stop destination where they could quench their thirst for knowledge about their favorite Top Alcohol Dragster.

Tools and Technologies:

To bring this vision to life, I harnessed the capabilities of WordPress to design a responsive website that could evolve with the racing world. I also utilized Photoshop to craft graphics that added a touch of visual excitement to the site.


The Randy Meyer Racing team not only loved the website; they continue to use it to this day. While some aspects have been updated to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of racing, the core of the site remains a testament to the initial design and the collaborative effort that made it possible. It’s a platform that embodies the team’s dedication, passion, and the thrill of drag racing, inviting fans to dive into the world of Top Alcohol Dragster with boundless enthusiasm.