“What Happened Here” Mural

Project Overview:

Collaborating with designers Matt Wagner and Rachel Wambach, we embarked on the creation of an interactive mural at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science. Spanning an impressive 76-foot-long wall, the mural chronicles the historical narrative leading to the McGary Purchase of 1812 in Evansville, Indiana. From the planetary birth to the Pre-Cambrian era and the significant French fur trades, the mural unfolds a vibrant and engaging story. Designed with an approachable aesthetic, the mural boasts tactile features, allowing visitors, particularly children, to touch coal and limestone—key resources that shaped Evansville’s economic history.

My Role:

Within our design trio, I undertook the task of illustrating all subjects portrayed in the mural. This included the creation of illustrations featuring people, animals, and various organisms. Our collective vision embraced a geometric-styled illustration approach, infusing vibrant colors and engaging visuals to ensure the mural’s lively and captivating narrative.

Tools and Technologies:

Employing Adobe Illustrator, our team meticulously crafted and designed all elements comprising the expansive mural.


Installed at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science, this mural became a focal point, stretching across the museum’s extensive 76-foot wall. Its exceptional storytelling and artistic merit led to a notable feature in Evansville Living magazine. Moreover, the mural received the esteemed honor of an American Advertising Award, acknowledging its outstanding artistic contribution to the museum’s space and the community’s historical narrative.